Rafael Masó Foundation Library


The Rafael Masó Foundation Library is a collection of documents pertaining to different members of this Girona family, spanning over 100 years. It currently comprises 3,500 volumes and includes many first editions of books from the first third of the 20th century, some of which were printed on the printing press the Masó family had on the ground floor of their house. Their collection is a reflection of the family’s interests and different professions (architecture, law, pharmaceutics and education). The Foundation is continually expanding the library with new acquisitions and donations of specialist books on modern architecture, Noucentisme and the applied arts..

The UdG has been on the Rafael Masó Foundation board since 2009. On 8 October 2018, the Foundation library became linked with the University of Girona Library. The agreement was signed at Casa Masó by Marta Madrenas (mayor of Girona and chair of the Foundation) and Quim Salvi (rector of the University of Girona), thus laying the basis for collaboration between the two institutions. The UdG Library provides the Foundation with a consultancy service about cataloguing and the technical processing of its bibliographic and documentary collection. This collaboration not only allows the availability of its collection to be consulted through the UdG Library catalogue, it also enables the university community to physically go and access the Foundation library..

To consult the collection in person, a prior request must be made by email at info@rafaelmaso.org, detailing the type of document(s) to be consulted and the purpose of the research.

The documents belonging to this library  can be consulted in the UdG Library Catalogue and the CCUC (Collective Catalogue of the Universities of Catalonia), but they are not available for loan.

Fundació Rafael Masó
Ballesteries, 29
17004 Girona
+32 972 413 989