The Library, as a teaching, research and learning support service, is committed to making available to the university community the information, training and service resources required to help the institution to reach the highest level of quality and excellence. 

    To achieve that, we commit to:

    • Responding to your requests, complaints and suggestions as quickly as possible by: Ensuring that the waiting time at the information desks is kept to a minimum, and replying to your WhatsApp messages and emails in under 24 hours. 
    • Offering you broad opening hours, accessible, adapted, diverse spaces, and resources and services adapted to teaching, research and learning needs. 
    • Offering a personalised document advisory service and a training programme adapted to and integrated into the bachelor's, master’s and doctoral degree programmes. 
    • Informing you of any changes and news related to the basic services through signs, the website and other means of communication with at least four days prior warning. 
    • Making sure that the subject bibliography recommended in the teaching plan is available. 
    • Guaranteeing access to the digital library’s electronic resources from any device connected to the UdG network.

    To ensure responsible use of these public services and resources, we ask our users to: 

    • Help us maintain a good working environment, respect other users, and refrain from any activity that is detrimental to good study conditions. To this end, and for reasons of safety and hygiene, users cannot eat or drink in the libraries. 
    • Respect the bibliographic collection, the equipment and the facilities. 
    • Behave respectfully towards the Library staff and follow their instructions regarding use of the installations, equipment and services. 
    • Leave the facilities at closing times or at the request of staff members.
    • Follow established procedures before taking a document from the Library. 
    • Return books and other loaned material within the set deadline. 
    • Keep an eye on your personal belongings. Under no circumstances will the Library be responsible for any loss or theft of property. 
    • Inappropriate use of the computers, changing the original settings or installing a programme yourself is strictly forbidden. 
    • Respect current intellectual property regulations, especially those concerning consulting, scanning and photocopying, and in the case of electronic documents, those concerning use, distribution and copying. 
    • Show the content of your bags and folders when the Library staff ask you to do so.