About the UdG Library website


The Library website has been developed following the model of the University of Girona website and it works with modern versions of the following browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Google Chrome

The website uses a responsive design that can adapt to any size device.

To see the pages correctly you are advised to activate the browser’s JavaScript and CSS options

The browser must accept cookies before you can log inand access the UdG intranet and, although it is not absolutely necessary, it is recommended that you install the UdG’s certification authority certificate in the browser so that the security warnings advising that you are about to access a “potentially dangerous” website do not come up.


Accessibility of the UdG Library website:

The aim of the UdG Library is to have a fully accessible website1. A website is accessible when a person, irrespective of any personal limitations and type of device, can browse it. Most of the web pages have an AAA accessibility level, and we are continually working to eliminate any elements that could impede the pages’ accessibility.

1 The WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) sets the website accessibility standards.


Legal notice and data protection

You can see the legal and data protection terms and conditions here.


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