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The Library provides general information to all users that request it, in addition to a specialist consultation service for members of the university community and authorised users.

We attend to queries and requests  in person, by telephone or WhatsApp, or by email within 24 hours . We will tell you within this period whether your question can be answered in this time.

We will inform you about opening times, the spaces available and how the services work. We also help you make one-off searches in the catalogue to locate specific documents and direct you to the electronic resources. Fill out this form

We help you search for the relevant information to do a course assignment or a final degree or master's project, to cite sources and use the bibliographic managers, to search for scientific papers in the digital library or in specific electronic resources, and we inform you about how the institutional repository works to deposit your research or teaching materials, among other things. Fill out this form or contact with a subject librarian.

We offer a broad programme integrated into all educational levels: bachelor's degrees, master’s and doctoral degrees. More information