Josep Pla Foundation Library


On 22 April 1994, the Josep Pla Private Foundation Library in Palafrugell and the University of Girona signed an agreement to collaborate on research to promote studies on the work and figure of the writer Josep Pla. One of the aims of this collaboration agreement between the two institutions is to catalogue and digitalise the Library collections to make them accessible through the University’s IT system. That is why we have included these pages on the UdG Library website.

The library must not be imbued with any fanaticism or intolerance. I’m old enough to know where all these crazy stances and idiot ideas are leading. The library must constantly demonstrate that everybody is equal and has the same dignity when it comes to accessing knowledge. 

Josep Pla, 1973

Many of the Josep Pla Library volumes are dedicated by their authors. These dedications enable us to reconstruct the writer's network of relationships and help to contextualise the collection. You can consult them from the corresponding registers of the catalogue, or all together in the database that compiles them all. 

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