The Catalan Institute for Cultural Heritage Research Library (ICPRC)


Set up in 2006 by the Government of Catalonia and the University of Girona, the Catalan Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (ICRPC) places the heritage we have received, the residue of time and civilisations, and the thread of memory at the centre of its activity.

With its headquarters in Girona and its commitment to institutional cooperation with all the research centres and academic institutions in Catalonia and elsewhere, the ICRPC aims to play a leading part in defining the founding discourse on cultural heritage, understood as an essential element of the cultural and historical dimension of Catalonia.

The ICRPC has a bibliographic collection of almost 2,000 volumes specialising in cultural heritage. The library can be consulted and is at the disposal of the research community.

The ICRPC Library collection has been integrated into the Library Catalogue since 2010.

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Edifici Pia Almoina
Plaça de la catedral, 8 
17004 Girona 
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