Academic works


We help you with course and practical assignments, in particular the bachelor's degree thesis (TFG) and the master's thesis (TFM).

The institutional repository contains many of the TFGs and TFMs defended by students from previous years. Click here to see the full texts, searching by title of the thesis.

For course work and TFGs, learn to search for and select the pertinent scientific information, use it ethically and cite it correctly, construct the bibliography, organise your written work, and defend it orally.
Regarding the preparation of TFMs, we particularly focus on optimising the use of databases, digital journals and other resources (impact factor, use of a bibliographic manager, etc.).

If you are students, fill in this form stating your interests. An archivist will get in touch with you to arrange a meeting in person.

We give specific TFG support training sessions for most of the bachelor's degrees during the third or fourth years, and also for the core and compulsory subjects of some master’s degrees and postgraduate courses.
If you are teachers and you would like to arrange a session for your students, then fill in this form.