University Loan Consortium - PUC


This service enables any member of the university community to take documents out on loan from Catalan university libraries. To use this service, you just need to show your UdG card.

The number of documents, loan days and renewals are the same for all users who can use the PUC.

Type of user Documents Days Renewals

Bachelor's degree students

Postgraduate students

Teaching and research staff (PDI)

Administrative and service staff (PAS)

10 21 6

Yes. This is a free service. You can ask for it from the library catalogue. 

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Click on the button to ask for the book you have found available

Demana préstec CCUC
Select The UdG as the university you are registered at
Log in Use your surname and the bar code on your student card
Select The library you want to collect it from
Collect The book from the library you chose when you receive an email saying that the book has arrived at the UdG

When you receive the email reminding you to return the books two days before the end of the loan period, you will be able to renew it from My account.

Yes. But before you do so, check that you do not have any material from the UdG with the loan period expired. You can then go to the library where the document you need is and arrange the loan by showing your UdG card.

Irrespective of how you have obtained the material, you can return it to any of the UdG’s libraries or to any library of the university to which the document belongs.

Late returns are sanctioned with suspension from the loan service for one day for each day the loaned material is returned late, and per document.