Recording service


The Library provides a conference, lecture and seminar recording service for events organised at the University.

  • A recording request must be made by filling in the application form with at least two days prior warning and this must always be done by a teaching or research staff member (PDI) or an administrative and services staff member (PAS).
  • The events recorded are strictly academic events (conferences, lectures, seminars, thesis readings, and so on) related to the teaching and research that take place on teaching days at the different university campus facilities: the Barri Vell Campus, the Centre Campus, Montilivi Campus, or the Technological Park.
  • The service is free for the university community, while other users must check the current charges.
  • If the service is not available, then we offer the option of taking a camera out on loan and recording the event yourselves. You can ask to do this by filling in the following form. You must collect the camera and return it to the recording service in the same condition it was loaned to you.
  • Under current legislation, the organiser of the event must obtain recording and dissemination authorisation from all participating speakers. Furthermore, at the beginning of the event, attendees must be informed that it is being recorded and that it will be disseminated. Current regulations do not allow recording without compliance with these conditions.
  • The recording and dissemination authorisations can be sent in advance to the recording service, or they can be given to the technician before the event starts.
  • Recordings are deposited with DUGiMedia with a Creative Commons license. From there, we guarantee preserving, viewing, downloading, copying the code to embed them in other places and sharing them. Among other things, we also monitor viewing figures.

The following form must be filled in to apply to record an event, edit the recording, or ask for the camera on loan. Simply choose the option you want from the drop-down Services provided list.

Registration authorisation models:

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Free for members of the university community if they comply with the conditions of use of the service. For other users, consult the charges