Taining and self-learning


The Library offers a broad training programme within the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree courses, in addition to specialised single-subject courses to improve your skills in using scientific information.

If you are teachers, you can ask for a specific session for your students. At an individual level, if you are researchers or students, you can ask for a personalised consultation with a librarian. Fill in the application form or contact with a subject librarian.

Check the calendar of scheduled training sessions 

Below you will find a list of the courses we offer at the different learning levels.

  • Introduction to the Library Introductory sessions to the Library’s services and use of the information resources, for students in the first year of all the bachelor's degree courses. This is offered within the core and compulsory subject programme.
  • Educational activities for different subjects Subject content support sessions, designed for students to get to know the specific and support information sources for their subjects.
  • Bachelor's thesis (TFG).  Search for, select and ethically use information, sessions on oral and written communication. Some of the sessions are offered jointly with the Modern Languages Service.

  • Specific master's and postgraduate sessions. Sessions to support the content of master’s degrees and postgraduate courses.
  • Master's thesis (TFM). Sessions directed at optimising the use of databases, digital journals, and other resources (impact factor, use of a bibliographic manager, and so on). This is offered within the core and compulsory subject programme.

  • Managing scientific information. Assessment indicators Main research documents. Course for doctoral students in which they learn about a series of secondary but basic elements concerning scientific activity that are fundamental for being able to advance professionally in field of research. Students receive the information from the School of Doctoral Studies.