Interlibrary Loan


The aim of this service is to locate and obtain documents (books and scientific papers) that we do not have at the UdG Library and which are not available in other Catalan universities either via the PUC. It also provides our own documents to libraries, institutions, etc., that request them.

Yes. This service is subject to certain charges

Although this Service is subject to fees, most documents are obtained through some free exchange agreement between libraries.

You must fill in the form and log in with your username and the code. If it is the first time, you must register at the link you will find on the form and wait for confirmation (it is not automatic).

The period is one month, although some documents are only for consultation in the consulting room. The consultation conditions are set by the centre that serves the document.

It depends where the documents are located. Books requested from Catalan universities usually take three to seven days, and those coming from the rest of Spain, at least a week. Electronic papers arrive more quickly.

This information can vary depending on the messenger service, the post office, the library where the document is located, and so on.

Yes, we will tell you via email.

If you do not have the GTBIB programme, you must fill in this form. If it is the first time, you must register and wait for confirmation.
We loan out all the documents in the Library, except for reference works, publications in series, rare and valuable documents, theses, dissertations and unpublished material, special archive collections and frequently consulted documents. Contact us at ( if you have any queries, and consult the charges for this service.

The documents requested through this service can only be for private, teaching or research use.

Where the book is excluded from loan by the source library, you can only look at it in the UdG library under the responsibility of the person who has asked for the document. If the book can be loaned out and the user makes a copy of it, it is their responsibility.

Ask the document obtaining service for information about the loan conditions concerning other materials (doctoral theses, microfilms, microfiles, and so on).