The collection


Special collections

Personal archives and special collections linked to important people and entities in different areas of knowledge, culture and public life.

Digital library

Over 23,000 electronic journals, some 13,000 electronic books, and around 50 databases.


Institutional repository

The academic and scientific document production of  Universitat de  Girona is in electronic and open format.


Half a million monographs, most of which are books related to the University's degrees and lines of research.


Cartographic archives

Over 26,000 maps in hard copy format which exhaustively cover the Girona counties, among other areas, and all of Catalonia.



Paper and digital versions of different newspapers. In addition, access to hundreds of media publications from the My News database.


Doctoral theses

More than 1,200 theses defended at the Universitat de Girona since it was founded.


Newspaper library

Over 1,500 subscriptions to printed journals, and closed collections of more than 8,000 titles.

Associated libraries

Bibliographic archives of entities, foundations, institutions, and so on, affiliated to  Universitat de Girona.