Mendeley. Bibliographic references and citations manager


Mendeley is a bibliographic reference manager. This tool lets you organise the documents you consult to do your research and attach the PDF of the full text to it. It has a desktop version that must be downloaded and installed on a PC or a mobile device. It also has an online service allowing you to consult your account from anywhere where there is Internet access. The information can be synchronised on both the desktop and the online versions.


Access to Mendeley

Mendeley. How to manage the biography of your work

  • Import documents automatically or manually.
  • Organise your personal bibliography.
  • Create public or private groups.
  • Automatically cite a Word document and generate the bibliography.
  • Personal profile including your CV, publications, affiliation, etc.
  • Export references from Grec to Mendeley.

You will find access to and more information about working with Mendeley at:

The UdG has institutional access for members of the university community, which offers you:

  • Personal library capacity 100 GB
  • Private group capacity 100 GB
  • Members per private group up to 100 people
  • Number of private groups up to 1,000

Find out more information at the Library on your campus or at


A la Universitat de Girona donem suport i recomanem l’ús del gestor bibliogràfic Mendeley. Tot i això, hi ha altres gestors bibliogràfics. L’Àrea de Ciència Oberta del Consorci de Serveis Universitaris de Catalunya (CSUC) posa a la vostra disposició una taula comparativa amb les característiques dels principals gestors bibliogràfics: Mendeley, Zotero i EndNote Web.