Teaching materials


The recommendations for making good use of the teaching materials published on the Universitat de  Girona virtual campus, UdGMoodle, are structured into three main areas:

Books, journal papers, and other material can be used to illustrate educational activities. In other words, the use of texts and materials based on citation rights is free. Texts and other materials that are not subject to any rights and others subject to current rights can be incorporated into the virtual classrooms, or physically given out, to be used to “illustrate educational activity”.

The conditions that must be complied with to use these materials in the UdG’s virtual campus are:

a) They must only be used for illustration for educational purposes and scientific research.

b) Use is limited to a book chapter, a journal paper or an equivalent length text, or 10% of the total published work, regardless of whether the copy is made all at once or in various stages.

C) The material must be for use at universities and research centres by their staff members, using their own media and tools.

D) The material used is subject to at least one of the following conditions:

  1. That partial copies are distributed exclusively among students and teaching staff of the same teaching centre.
  2. That only students and teaching and research staff belonging to the teaching centre can access the material through internal networks, and that it is restricted to a distance learning programme offered by the teaching centre.

In all cases, these materials must be incorporated into the UdG Moodle in compliance with the four conditions for citations: non-published works, stating the source and the author, use for analysis and comment, and use proportional to the teaching imparted.

You may like to consult the “Conditions for using the electronic resources contracted by the Universitat  de  Girona Library”.

It is very important to cite all the material deposited in the virtual campus, both to comply with the intellectual property law and to be able to retrieve the information with guarantees.

Authorship must also be included, both if they are one’s own notes or if they are shared with other teachers and their use license is, for example, Creative Commons.

The Library has a website for the university community which explains how to cite documents in the four most frequently used styles: APA, MLA, Vancouver and ISO. It also provides access to and supports the bibliographic reference manager: Zotero, Mendeley, and other teaching support material, such as the Intellectual property section.

Using the University of Girona’s institutional image is recommended to guarantee the integrity of the material published in the UdGMoodle virtual campus. The Publishing Service makes documents and presentations available to the entire university community so they can use and disseminate the UdG brand. This material can be downloaded in the La Meva UdG section.