Girona Diocesan Seminary Library


The University of Girona Library coordinated the cataloguing of the Girona Seminary Diocesan Library collection by means of a collaboration agreement promoted by the University of Girona Board of Trustees, and made possible thanks to the sponsorship of the Government of Catalonia, Girona Provincial Council, the Girona Diocese, the Library of Catalonia, and la Caixa de Girona.
The aim of the project was to raise the profile of this heritage and disseminate it through the Catalogue of the University of Girona Library (CUdG), the Collective Catalogue of the Catalan Universities (CCUS), the Collective Catalogue of Catalan Bibliographic Heritage (CCPBC), and the Collective Catalogue of Spanish Bibliographic Heritage (CCPBE).
The Girona Diocese manages its documentary and bibliographic heritage in the Diocesan Archive, the Capitular Archive and the Diocesan Library of the Seminary, which are all in the same place and are managed as one.
The project began in October 2006 with the cataloguing of the old archive collection, managed by the Library of Catalonia. When this part of the project was finished, the number of old volumes was 31,320. This section is made up of books on canon law, bibles, missals, patristic compendiums, theology, liturgy, and the history of the church, among others, in addition to treatises on history, mathematics and philosophy. It has an incunabula collection that is worthy of special mention
The cataloguing of the modern archive collection began in September 2007 and is still ongoing. In 2021, there are up to 17,822 volumes catalogued in this section, including books from the sections on Girona, philology, archiving, art, philosophy, theology, and liturgy, in addition to some other collections and new incorporations. Among the documents pending processing are the journals and leaflets, as well as the archive collections from various parish churches that have been incorporated in the last few years.
At the end of 2021, the number of volumes of the Girona Diocesan Seminary Library already catalogued is currently 49,142.

Girona Diocesan Seminary Library

Pujada de Sant Martí, 12 (Diocesan Seminary Building, third floor)

17004 Girona

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