The Library provides the university community with a laptop loan service mainly for accessing electronic information and documentation, but also for individual work and self-study anywhere on the UdG campuses.

How to use the service

  • Go to the information desk in the Barri Vell Campus Library or the Centre Campus library.
  • You must show your UdG card to arrange the loan.
  • You can take the laptop on loan for four hours, extendible for further 4-hour periods provided there are laptops available.
  • Laptops can also be reserved for one-off teaching use.

We ask you to...

  • Be responsible for the laptop while it is on loan to you.
  • Return the laptop in the same condition it was in when we loaned it to you.
  • Inform us of any issues you have detected concerning the laptop itself or the programme content at the moment you return it to us.

We remind you that bringing the laptop back late, its misuse or theft will lead to the consequences stipulated in the Regulations of the laptop loan service of the UdG Libraries.