Recommended bibliography


We consider recommended bibliography to be those documents that the teacher has recommended for each of the subjects in each academic year. It can include books, audio-visuals, papers in journals and so on.

To find out if we have the documents recommended to you, search for the name of the degree or the subject on the Recommended bibliography link, or go directly from the Moodle of the subject. The links of each subject name will take you to their location in the Library.

If a document is not locatable in the catalogue, then fill in an application to purchase documents, stating the name of the subject for which the document is recommended.

The loan period is 7 to 14 days, depending on the campus library the document is in. These loans can be renewed if the documents have not been reserved by another user.

Where possible, we try to have more than one copy of each recommended document available, one of which will be excluded from loan to guarantee that it can be immediately consulted in the library.

You can acquire new documents of the recommended bibliography by placing an order  with us with sufficient prior warning so that the documents can be available as soon as possible.
Each Library reviews the teaching programmes every summer to check that we have all the recommended documents and to inform the degree coordinators about which documents we do not have.