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The Library opens its doors to anybody who would like to get to know it. Choose the type of visit that suits you best:

We give training sessions where students learn to search for information and select and cite it correctly, directed at class groups of students who are doing their research work. They are one-and-a-half-hour sessions and they take place on Fridays between February and April, depending on your needs. 

These sessions can be complemented by another session on basic research.  Teaching is conducted by researchers from the UdG Institute of Catalan Language and Culture (ILCC) for humanistic and social itineraries or by researchers of the Chair of Scientific Culture and Digital Communication (C4D), of the study of Chemistry or of the Institute of Computational Chemistry and Catalysis (IQCC) for scientific and technological itineraries. This session lasts one hour and a quarter and is hold just before the Library session.

In your request (comments section), please clearly indicate whether you want the two sessions or only the Library one:

Session 1: “The library of the University of Girona: sources of information for the research work” (1:30 h.)

Session 2: “Methodological guidance and guidelines for writing BAT research work” (1:15 h.)

Requests will be attend in order of arrival and according to availability

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Visits for any individual or group that would like to know about the facilities, services, archives and collections. Fill out this form

Visits for organisations, professionals from other libraries, and so on, adapted to your interests and profiles. Fill out this form

Visits for researchers, professionals from other libraries, and so on, who are interested in knowing about the technical processing and contents of the personal libraries and archives of distinguished persons that are deposited at the University of Girona Library. Fill out this form