The Library is extremely grateful for the books and documents donated to it which broaden and complete existing bibliographical archive collection.

Acceptance of donations and archives is subject to aspects such as suitability, age, origin, rarity, and other peculiarities of the archive in accordance with the regulations for accepting donations approved by the Library Commission.

We will especially value their helping to complete collections of the Library's thematic areas and having a suitable scientific level. Duplicates will be turned down, except in exceptional circumstances, as will obsolete and badly preserved documents. Please fill in the acceptance request form.

These extraordinary collections are bequeathments and donations, and they are acquired because they are important, because of where they come from or the era they come from, because of their history, because of their value to the study area, or for university research or teaching.
Suggestions will be conveyed through members of the teaching staff or the unit (school, department, institute or chair) linked to their thematic area.

When the donor has no link with the UdG, the Library will take charge of making first contact with the pertinent academic bodies to determine if the archive is suitable.


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