Sant Daniel Monastery

The Archive of the Sant Daniel Monastery in Girona (AMSDG) is the historical archive of the St Daniel community, and as such it houses both the documentation the community itself produced between the 11th century and the beginning of the 20th century during the course of their activity, and external documentation gathered for various reasons throughout the monastery’s history. The AMSDGS keeps two fonds and one collection:

  • Sant Daniel Monastery, Girona, 938 (open): the monastery fonds (archive) produced by the Girona St Daniel Community in the course of their activity and that of the monasteries that were annexed to it during the 15th century (Santa Margarida de la Garriga or Prats de Roses (1225-1461), Santa Maria del Mar de Calonge (c. 1241-1424) and Santa Maria de Valldemaria, Maçanet de la Selva (1158-1550)). All in all, eleven linear metres of paper documents and 1409 parchments.
  • Mallol Family from Vilopriu, 16th-19th centuries: heritage fonds produced and collected by different generations of the Mallol family of farmers from the village of Vilopriu, whose property stretched throughout the Llémena Valley. This fonds was willed to the Monastery in the 1960s by the last member of the family, Francisca Mallol Vilana, sister of one of the St Daniel nuns.

  • Sant Daniel Monastery Collection of Goigs

The University of Girona, the Catalan Federation of Benedictine Nuns, and the Catalan Institute of Cultural Heritage Research signed a collaboration agreement in September 2017 with the aim of digitalising and disseminating the important collection of parchments in the Sant Daniel Monastery fonds

Monestir de Sant Daniel

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