Marking examinations


Service for Universitat de Girona teaching staff Test-type exam marking service using approved sheets, with the results sent to you by email.

You can ask for these at the concierge's office of your faculty or centre.

  • Tests of up to 100 questions. If the test has more than 100 questions, it must be considered as two different exams.
  • The exams will be accompanied by a single sheet of answers (answer key). The option “TYPE OF EXAM” and “SHEET NUMBER” will not be used on the answer sheet because if you wish to include different question instructions then they must be separated into different exams.

Each question must be accompanied by  a maximum of four possible answers (A, B, C, D), and each question must have a SINGLE correct answer. The total score for the test will always be out of ten.

  1. Fill in this form
  2. Put all the students’ answer sheets into an envelope.
  3. Put the sheet with the right answers into another envelope.
  4. Give the two envelopes and the form in at the Montilivi Library concierge's office (showing your national identity card). Given that personal data is being processed, the internal postal service cannot be used for either collecting or delivering the originals of the tests.
  5. The person attending to you will check that the data is correct. The examinations you deliver must be counted. Once confirmed, you will be given a written record of the data.
  6. You will receive the exam results by email within a week. You must also come and collect the originals from the Montilivi Library concierge's office.

You cannot write or make any other mark on the answer sheet, or fold it where the position marks are in the left margin. Furthermore, we can only guarantee that marks made in blue or blank ink will be read.

Column Marks
National ID number 00000000
Type of exam Blank
Sheet number Blank
Questions Mark the right answer for each question


  • Use a pencil or a blue or black pen.
  • Mark exactly the box for the answer you consider to be right (incorrect ways of marking the box are shown).
  • Incorrect answer: if you make a mistake, then you must write “NULL” in the row directly underneath the wrong answer, thus annulling it. You must then write the right answer in the row above. If you only mark two boxes in the first row, the machine will not understand which is the right answer and the examination will be not marked.
Column Marks
National ID number Students’ national ID number (a note is made if it is a different identity document with less numbers, and as many zeros as necessary to fill in for the missing digits are added in front of the ID number)
Type of exam Blank
Sheet number Blank
Answers Exemple full resposta


You will receive a 4-page spreadsheet:

  1. Settings: the exam settings programmed according to the request sheet.

Resultat correcció: configuració

2. Results: the right answers in relation to each student’s answers, with the total number of right answers, wrong answers, questions left blank and the final result.

Resultat correcció: resultats

3. Questions: a summary of the result for each question, stating how many questions were answered correctly, incorrectly or left blank.

Resultat correcció: preguntes

4. Graphics: a graphic summary of the set of answers.

Resultat correcció: gràfiques

Once you have received the email with the attached spreadsheet remember to go and collect the original exams from the Montilivi Library concierge.